Lisa Hartsock

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MAGFest - 2015-2017
Directed culturally and geographically diverse teams
Planned and scheduled four days of events - Online Radio Station - 2013
Adapted rough site concept into complete design.
Developed and launched cross-platform, mobile friendly, design solution.
County of San Luis Obispo - 911 Dispatch - 2010
Worked with integrators to design and install IP intercom system with gate control for dispatch center and police station 2+ miles away
Programmed server and client stations
Provided end user/dispatcher operations training and technical support
Sara Lee Bakery - 2012
Planned and installed network topology for access control system, including multiple departments and adjacent parking lot
Designed system for wireless network connectivity between parking area and main system, bridging public street
Cache Creek Casino - 2012
Programmed integration of CCTV, Access Control, Fire, and Security systems via network infrastructure accross 20+ acre campus

Design and Development

Design portfolio at Heroic Webcraft
MAGFest, Inc.
Chose and converted previous website to more user friendly CMS
Designed and deployed new website to attendees and staff
Designed logos and graphical assets for web, print, and merchandise
Managed development and maintenance teams
Sacramento Control Systems, Inc.
Developed and deployed internal iPhone time tracking software for use by technicians in the field
Developed custom menu/icon system for use in creating security and fire specific plans in AutoCAD


Certificate of Proficiency:
Web Design
Microsoft Office Suite
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Adwords/Video
Software Experience:
Adobe InDesign
Autodesk AutoCAD
Atlassian Suite
Google Apps Suite
Proficient In:
Wordpress, Tumblr, Webhook CMS plugins and theming
Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems
Systems Virtualization, including Virtual Box and VMWare/vSphere
Experienced With:
PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL, Python, Ruby
Zulty's and Shoretel VoIP phone systems
Corporate management of Blackberry, Android, and iPhone platforms

Volunteer Work

Too Many Games
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
Baltimore Rock Opera Society
PAX East
GamesDay Los Angeles

Professional History

Nomad Event Systems
Production Crew - April 2017 - Present
Work as part of production team to stage and clear large and small scale events
Use lighting equipment to enhance produced events
The 8x10
Lighting Design, November 2016 - present
Use house lighting equipment to complement performances
Box office, drum technician, and handyman work
Heroic Webcraft/NMH Visual
Owner, November 2013 - present
Provide custom design and CMS services
Troubleshoot and repair existing CMS and databases
Graphic and product design
MAGFest, Inc.
Assistant Director, April 2014 - January 2017
Instrumental in transition to 501(c)(3) non-profit
Designed variety of logos and graphics for event promotion
Designed and deployed public and private facing web infrastructure
Designed and produced merchandise for attendees and donors
Managed logistics for 20,000 person main events and dozens of smaller events
Morlock Enterprises
CNC Operator, May 2014 - July 2014
Used computer driven router to create custom designs
Assembled parts into finished product
Sacramento Control Systems
Assistant to IT Manager, May 2011 - May 2014
Assisted IT Manager with corporate network administration
Provided service and support to access control, CCTV, server, and network systems in the field
Provided customer training and technical support to field technicians
Designed and supported web applications
Programmed integrated systems for large corporate clients
Tel-Tec Security Systems, Inc.
Assistant to Vice-President of Technology, January 2006- May 2011
Research and development for high-end CCTV and cellular communication for security alarm systems
Trained new technicians, and existing technicians with new equipment
Trained sales staff in correct design for high-end camera equipment
Demonstrated high-end CCTV systems for clients


Additional product-specific certifications and publications available upon request